Moxie Doxie is a personality plus 10 pound mini-dachshund who nobody wanted. The offspring of a red short hair mom and a black and tan long hair dad, her tail slammed in a door at birth, she was far from perfect. Her one long haired ear and bent tail were an inspiration to create Moxie Doxie - about life’s challenges and that it’s not what is on the outside, it’s the inside that counts.


Her career started as a pet therapy dog. Her weekly visits to a nursing home provide unconditional love to dementia patients. She brings remarkable results to their distance and appearance of emptiness through her love, licks and non-stop wagging tail. Patients who seem lifeless perk up with her visits, she enters into their souls


Moxie Doxie’s creator, Carmen Crocker, a former salon owner, did an about face in her life. After 16 years of providing clients with various services to improve their outward appearance, she one day realized it was the inside that makes the person. She sold her business and taking her lifelong love of dachshunds she started on her journey to find the true meaning of life, an inside job. Her husband, a photographer, was always snapping pictures of their dachshunds capturing their human-like expressions. Moxie Doxie has a special way of “talking” into the camera. With her training as a therapy dog, sit, stay, down and paws up with a bite or two of Pupperoni, make her a natural in front of the camera.


In her journey, Carmen has acquired a love for inspirational verse. Her mother, in the final stage of Alzheimer’s gave her the inspiration to share her findings in life’s purpose. Moxie Doxie has an extensive wardrobe from her nursing home visits and charity pageant events. With the combination of a personality plus dachshund, a love of photography, a life connection and a movie star wardrobe - Moxie Doxie was born!



The Man with the plan will show you the way.

We truly hope Moxie Doxie will brighten your day!

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